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We all know in this life, things don’t always go according to plan, but you have always got to have one for Messrs “Sod” & “Murphy”’s Benefit – these two twerps are to be avoided at all costs, but if you let them believe that their tinkering will throw you off track then that’s fine –


Here’s the Plan:


I’m currently Managing some Emerging Talented Artists brought to me through various Incarnations of Business & Consultancy within the creative Sphere;

Bearded Acoustic Troubadour Matt Hurley:; Faith Driven Folk
Opened every date of Exposure Winners Tour first Leg

Electro Alternative Rockers Tenth Electric:; Versatile Contemporary Melodics
Headlined Independent Music Day London and Exposure Winners Tour

Classic Independent Rock Heroes V0iD:; Powerful Melodic Rock
Played Main Stage at The Phoenix Festival in 2015 tour regularly their Stadium Ready Sound


Over the years my Consultancy both for individuals and companies has genuinely saved them Hundreds, Thousands, even Millions, in the case of some of my clients found here under heading Previous work …, ask me the full stories…

It’s also gained them important insights into who they are and why they do what they do, such that they then can do more of what they do, in a more effective way, and present themselves to the wider world in a way that world understands and engages with.

Not only that but with the appliance of Creative thought I’ve devised Concepts / Marketing / Communication, which have generated Hundreds, Thousands, even Millions in additional revenues.


The above usually enables me and my family to survive, although sometimes it feels like only just, I have loved the journey thus far and every twist and turn has taught me something new, even the simple fact that Wives Like Stability, who’d have thought 😉.

And that’s where you come in, I would really like you to help me help you, and then let me share in the mutual financial rewards such that I continue to feed my family and help those causes I care about deeply:

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This is what you can gain / enjoy depending on who you are and what you are;

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