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‘You have given me the life I’ve always wanted to live …’

‘Dean’s shared his network and influence which literally shaped the project.’

‘You’ve helped me find an essence, a niche, a core to help direct my business-self thank you…’

‘His marketing mind is second to none, which complemented and helped draw out my own thinking.’

‘The personal input into a brainstorming session helped me create effective promotional material.’

‘Loved our initial session from which he coaxed out and crystallised a completely apt concept.’

‘The events Dean arranged were great. That year we played many shows that boosted our profile hugely.’

‘You have been a key instrument motivationally in helping to construct this new season.’

‘Great mentor helping musicians and businesses across the globe!’


Sectors of expertise…

PR | SMEs | Music & Media | Entertainment | Hospitality | Beverage | Events | Travel | Leisure | Creativity | Commerce | Communities

Previously Consulted For:

Wobbly Brewing Co.
Vertigo Films
Tetra Pak
Morgan Cars
Bulmers Brewery
BBC Introducing

Previously Employed By:

Resound Media
Dyson Engineering
Saga Holidays
Flanesford Priory
Standard Chartered
Many other Emerging Recording Artists / Small Businesses / Charities have also benefited from the ‘What Comes Next’ approach. See our Testimonials for Examples.


Helped the BBC found The ‘Introducing’ Platform.
Increased Revenues 160% for Global Travel Company.
Helped Raise Tens of Thousands for Charity.


Creative: UnSmashedLive
Commercial: SharpMinds
Charity: LHS


Create Marketing Ideas!
Develop Revenue Concepts.>
Access Sponsorship Opportunities?



Business Link S/W Award for Innovation 2004.

Born Global Leading Finalist 2011 & 2013.


We make a difference…

Just some of the successful business leaders that we have collaborated with:
“I respect your deep knowledge of your sector, always remember to go for Bulk (scalability) where that’s an option and you have factored that in well here”

Sir John Harvey-Jones
(Former Chairman of ICI, TV Business Trouble-shooter and Mentor)

“I wish we’d given you more money and sooner”

Project Advisor & Finacial Analyst
(Rated N#1 European Media Analyst for 9 years continuously by Institutional Investor Magazine and Reuters surveys)

“You’re just the sort of chap we need, to help us show the BBC how to spotlight and promote fresh talent within the bounds of their Charter”

Key Government Minister
(Chairman of House of Commons Select Committee for Culture; Media; Sport)


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