Well, you are probably reading this deciding whether to use me as an advising specialist for your:

Artistry – Business – Charity

Some of you were already put off by the way I spelt ‘Counsellor’ and others that I used a capital letter for it just now.  I’m here to let you know you are focusing on The Wrong Things.  The world no longer cares about details, it cares about Messages / Narratives / Concepts, you need to get that, or get lost;

I mean that kindly for your Survival & Success, in this fast moving socially driven digital dynamic.

Something else you should know before you proceed is that I won’t be giving you What You Want, but rather What You Need, or more precisely I shall be constantly reminding you of what you discovered in our first session together, which shall break down like this…

  • Realise where you really are – in your journey – by telling me your story.

  • Analysing the Actions which worked well along the way and what is relevant now.

  • Figuring out What Comes Next and more importantly how to get there.

Together we shall generate a strategic route map, detail what resources might be required along that path, and how to get them.  Then we shall push aside other details and distractions and get on with it.  Sure, the day-to-day of the here and now will all still be there, but we shall be ensuring you put aside sufficient time and focus to get where you are going, aligning what you do to make your living with your core mission in life.  Effectively the Why / What / Where / When / Who of your world.

I’m not perfect though: my website is often out of date; my cashflow sometimes way beyond shocking; frequently fighting for time and desperately attempting to follow my own advice.  However, as you can see plainly from my client list I’ve worked in and helped all manner of Businesses & Projects take flight and / or develop successfully.  Always working hard to #AddMoreValue, often in very surprising ways …

  • Mastering eMail Marketing, at the vanguard of the online revolution

  • Doing Crowd Funding, before it had a name, or was even a thing

  • Pioneering Social Media, before MySpace & FaceBook emerged

  • Helping the BBC to brainstorm and found the ‘Introducing’ platform

  • Raising over £500K through innovation and devising new brands in new markets

Reading the Zeitgeist of Social Change & Business Trends and positioning clients at the leading edge.>

Should you engage me on a retained basis beyond this important foundational work, you will find my input both sporadic and unconventional, but when it happens it has impact and makes a “Catalytic” difference:

helping this artists – (Aphelionlive) Sugar Jesus – brainstorm change of name and image, led to international collaborations and they now release on Universal the Biggest record company on the planet!

You will sometimes wonder even where I am or what I’m doing.  And the answer will be this: Networking / Exploring / Dreaming; and figuring out what it all means for my clients and how to help them find out – What-Comes-Next – are you in?

Contact me now to arrange your first session: +447879 493 876 / Discover@What-Comes-Next.Com /