International Artist Manager

Dean G. Hill has a relevant Masters in Music Business Management, is a seasoned pro in A&R, management and marketing and endorsed by key industry players, such as Warner Music Executives; The Producer Steve Brown; CD Baby Founder Derek Sivers and many others.

With a passion for identifying and supporting authentic talent, Dean has helped many artists reach the level required for negotiating and securing deals with major and big independent record labels; and clinched TV, film, video and web sync deals, as well as radio placements for independent artists.

Dean also pioneered the original game-changing website described as the ‘MySpace for Music in Britain’; an important forerunner to Facebook etc before social media existed, which led to consulting for BBC Strategy Executives, whilst creating the BBC Introducing Platform.

Virtual Artist Manager (VAM)

With an incredibly affordable Virtual Artist Manager (VAM) package, artists gain access to invaluable industry expertise and Dean’s ‘duty of care’.  Each package is tailored to the individual, but examples of the services offered include:

  • Identify and achieve your objectives
  • Build your brand and profile, online & offline
  • Build your network and cultivate an engaged audience
  • Get feedback on musical arrangements and lyrical content
  • Gain access to respectfully-paid gigs in great venues
  • Gain access to revenue-generating synch deals
  • Get expert advice on collecting your Royalties
  • Get expert advice on the business and legalities
  • Create a sustainable living doing what you’re passionate about!

“Deano of Virtual Artist Management has been truly inspiring and a great mentor in my career.  After winning 2 exposure music awards, Dean secured some gigs for my band and landed a great sync for my Single with Ed Sheeran “Raise ‘em up” on a huge Movie for Vertigo Films.  It was Great for myself and Ed’ to see it on the big screen cinema and signing it to Notting Hill Publishing.  A great guy and great mentor helping musicians across the globe!”

Alonestar (Jethro Sheeran) Ed’s Cousin

Level: Walk Run Fly
Fee per week £25 £50 £75
A&R Review Best Tracks Review All Studio Tracks Review All Tracks inc’ Demos
Socials Refine your online presence (Report) Refine your online presence
Refine your online presence
Presenting you to the Industry!
Website Website & EPK Website, EPK & PR
Where do you want to go?
Strategy Strategy & Tactics Strategy & Tactics + Action
Any questions by email
in the interim.>
Video Call Monthly Video Call Fortnightly Video Call Weekly
Roster Included on Roster for Reactive Opportunities Included on Roster for Proactive Opportunities Included on Roster for Negotiated Opportunities
% income share – Only when revenue from music is over £100pcm – see Conditions 30% 20% 10%
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NOTE: all of your Rights will remain yours respectively on all the material you ‘Write’ and ‘Perform’.

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Cancellation & Conditions:

You are free to cancel any time in writing to: DGH@What-Comes-Next.Com.  Please make sure that notification is acknowledged, then no further weekly retainers will be due.  However, possibly, some agreed monthly commission will still be contractually due, but only on ongoing projects, which VAM secured for you directly; where there are ‘Pipeline’ recurring Revenues or Royalties rolling forward, as negotiated by VAM or VAM associates.  (eMail for Explanation if Required).

If, during our work together or within six months of cancellation, you are signed to a major or large independent music organisation/s, like Recording / Publishing / Management – etc – VAM request 1% of Gross Artist Income, and related income such as Exploitation of Assets or Image, and in perpetuity, or a sum/s agreed by said organisation/s.  In recognition of helping you get there.

Signing up to our service constitutes an agreement and recognition of the conditions outlined above.