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With a pioneering spirit and great overview across multiple sectors, Dean understands business and the competitive nature of the 21st century digital environment.  Beginning his journey in the travel trade, his dedicated application of ‘Customer First Principles’ led to him turning-round a struggling department.  Increasing revenues 160% within six months; through effective joined up thinking and process driven marketing.  Then helping to save a sleepy countryside holiday resort through 20% cost reductions and steering them through the changes of two ownership takeovers.  Consequently, invited to co found a new consultancy Dean personally secured the business of HP Bulmer Cider, Morgan Motors, TetraPak, and many others, making huge cost savings and business improvements.

Briefly mentored by former chairman of ICI and TV Business Trouble-shooter, Sir John Harvey-Jones, he changed emphasis and began doing things – before they had a name – like:

  • Crowdfunding a new business start up from an email group of interested parties.
  • Amazon style Long Tail Economics in the emerging world of digital commerce.
  • Social Media. Building the ‘MySpace for Music in Britain’ before that existed.
  • With media experience on National TV Programs and Regular Regional Radio, talking about where Creativity meets Business and managing the customer journey in the digital world.  Culminating in consulting for BBC Strategy Executives on how to present new talent on traditional media, whilst integrating with Social Media Platforms, sessions which produced BBC ‘Introducing’ Platform.

Since then Dean has consulted on Communications & Operations in Music, Travel, Media, Film, Hotels, Leisure, Holidays, Brewing, Hospitality and mentored fellow entrepreneurs on making their Creative Dreams Firm Commercial Realities.  Now with an increasing emphasis on Sustainability – Viability – Philanthropy and driven by Faith, he seeks to find businesses who are genuinely making a positive difference in the world and through ‘Sharp Minded Strategy’ watch them get ahead of the game and continue to prosper, for the planet and us!

You can access these skills directly, or through a broader network of PR & Comms specialists:; either way get in touch and help us help you lead the way in 2020 and Beyond!

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