Uganda United Unstoppable

I wrote this after visiting the land of my birth Just Before Covid!
Now more than ever the world needs shining examples of #Democracy.>
I know this is not always the case, to say the least, but can we all Pray for Progress?

Memories of Africa
Dean G. Hill


Despite the ravages of War & Dictatorship, and Uganda has often had more than her fair share of both, I found Uganda currently to be a peaceful, open, friendly Nation, going about its daily business of carving out the best life possible under whatever circumstances they find themselves. What helps them in this is a strong Faith in God, and an almost certain knowledge that the bad things in life are largely due to people making bad choices with their God breathed free will. If you have no such faith (as I didn’t) you might find this a strange thing to say but having directly observed this phenomenon in many places in the world, I’ve seen that it’s possible to be very happy, with very little, when your focus is on the things that matter.
Uganda Has This. So why have things gone so wrong in other ways?

Well, you have to look back to our Colonial days of drawing lines on the map in foreign lands, across tribal boundaries in an arrogant attempt: ‘Taming of Savages’; yes there were many things wrong, and desperately wrong, in Africa’s Tribal System – dropping in on one of seven nights of celebrating a Witch Doctor’s Funeral, showed me that – but despite the many practical benefits of Colonialism i.e.: Schools; Hospitals; Roads & Railways; Judiciary; EtAl, when it came down to it we left an unnaturally divided tribal system with Guns & Grenades rather than spears.

The Resulting Bloodbath still has deep ramifications today. The ongoing powerplay is still holding them in the grip of suppression. Although some of us in the ‘Modern Western Civilisation’ with the conscience for what happened did return in the form of NGOs & Charities, the wounds are still there and have led to a grateful embrace of all help as rendered, and in multiple instances the ‘Culture of Dependency’.> This has to stop! But how and over what carefully judged and managed timescale?

The answer is very slowly as the manifest need is still great as witnessed in some of the outfits I visited:

www.1morechild.org: Series of houses for orphaned street and slum kids based in Jinja.
12 houses across town 5 for Girls and 7 for Boys, with a group family atmosphere, and live in Mentors offering guidance on Education / Sport / Faith improving and supporting life chances.

www.softpowereducation.com: Based in Bujagali right by the Nile, and not far away from the source, they get involved with all forms of Education from Primary to Special Needs Centres both Residential and drop in Therapy. Soft Power’s amazing work over the years has evolved to include eco survival.

www.watoto.com: an utterly amazing Faith Based Organisation, who fundraise faithfully and take in abandoned babies, some of whom I met as wonderfully, happy, nourished, engaging Toddlers, heart-melting stuff. Life continues in schooling and family-style bungalows, and choir which tours the world.

I’m praying that one day soon Uganda can stage a Free & Fair election and gain leadership with Heart for Country and not just for self (Not my words the President is clear about who he is in power for).

Both the People & Places of this great Nation will live in my heart forever as the land of my birth.