Glastonbury Festival’s Example & Inspiration
Let’s just help each other…
Do Good Things

I’m writing this whilst planning the launch of:; of which more very soon.

The inspiration for this story took root during Glastonbury’s previous fallow year, with regular conversations with the Worthy Farm Team.

“Michael seemed to like the fact I was representing a Movement rather than just Managing A. N. other Band”, said Dean G. Hill, one of our Sound Angel Founders.

The act in question Tenth Electric had a song, inspired by their battles with Mental Health Issues, but primarily about Making Life Better for Everyone, through focusing on the simple little joys in life, such as witnessing the ever-changing light and sound at Glastonbury, enjoying time with Friends & Lovers. All the Good stuff 😉

They needed an epic location which resonated within the lyrics of the song, which lovingly featured Worthy Farm & Glastonbury Festival, to shoot the video so the manager got busy. But these were no ordinary morning phone calls, but rather the beginning of a wave that is about to crash this year, during these very strange times.

Michael kindly allowed some access with strict conditions that we did not attract people on-site during the fallow year, so the land could recover, little did we know that a monumental enforced rest was coming.

Whilst this pioneering act recorded their groundbreaking yet ‘underground’ video, in front of the evocative shell of The Pyramid Stage, a group of Local School Children, being personally shown round by the man himself, stopped and listened, excitedly.

Encouraged ‘to sing for their supper’, by the founder of this now hushed Festival, the band did a stirring rendition of Robbie Williams’ ‘Angels’, one truly prophetic moment, as their songBrighter was ultimately chosen as the very worthy Soft Launch Anthem for Sound Angels Music initiative.>

The kids loved it and it was a pleasantly fitting way to repay Michael’s generosity of spirit!

Now with a new Anthem called The Great Pause, by another enthusiastic Sound Angels Founder Sara Vian, the venture launches fully on Sat 19th Sep the 50th Anniversary of Glastonbury Festival, and how fitting is that?