Siberian Noise

In a mess of wires, leads and frequency diagrams, Siberian Noise was made. Formed by three sound engineers while studying in Southampton, with the only aim to experiment with sound and texture. Refusing to perform live for the first 9 months of their existence, SN locked themselves in Ben’s (Guitars) cramped bedroom, rehearsing, writing, exploring. They finally emerged, eyes blinking, and set their sights on a local Battle of the Band competition. On only their third public performance, Siberian Noise won the Southampton Battle of the Bands, taking home the £250 prize money to buy our drum-kit-less drummer something to play on. What followed was a year of heavy gigging, supporting fantastic up and coming talent, including The Kins, Lanterns On The Lake and younghusband. They have recently released SWAMP // DENIM, a 10 minute soundscape that plays like a novel, separated into distinct chapters though undeniably part of a whole. The song was recorded, produced and mixed by the band and has been very well received by our select fan base (by which we mean our parents).

Siberian Noise – SWAMP//DENIM

Siberian Noise – Denim Live at the Solent (via Youtube)

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