Rebecca James

Rebecca James is a young singer/songwriter and instrumentalist who performs her originally written material along with popular covers and classics.

She has been performing from a young age starting out initially in musical theatre where she received a good grounding as a performer. She also had classical vocal training for a few years in her early teens. After a few years of learning to play the piano she realised that she could not only play the piano by ear but could also write her own songs.

Rebecca is inspired from a range of artists from songwriters such as Elton John & Alicia Keys to performers such as Lady Gaga.

The first song Rebecca wrote at the age of 15 ‘Feel The Rain’ has been released on itunes to help raise funds for a national war veterans charity, Combat Stress. Rebecca enjoys writing ballads but it is not the musical genre that she wants to perform, she sees herself more as a ‘pop’ artist, but her song styles vary.

At 15 Rebecca spent a year with an independent record label in London writing and gaining valuable recording experience and is now working with a few songwriters based in Wales.

Rebecca is currently gigging as much as she can both as a solo artist and with a band to help build up her fan base, both in and around Cardiff and in other cities.

She has performed at The Bedford and Regal Rooms in London and will be at other key venues in London in the next few months.

Her biggest ‘gig’ to date was the local talent support slot that she had been chosen for to the great songwriter and performer Joan Armatrading at St Davids Hall, Oct ’12. Rebecca was the only artist from Wales chosen from 100’s put forward for this opportunity.

She is currently writing with Amy Wadge who wrote Ed Sheerans first EP ‘Songs I Wrote With Amy’. She is going to help Rebecca with her first EP which will be out in the New Year.

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