Peter Appleyard

Peter Appleyard is an expert at making afternoon tea. He also writes, records and performs exceedingly fine music too.

Bringing together influences from the worlds of rock, pop & folk Peter crafts distinctive, feel-good & emotionally charged compositions – a heady brew indeed!

Following some well received EPs Peter released his debut album ‘Day in the sun’ worldwide digitally in early 2010. Featuring the award nominated tracks ‘Can’t help smiling’ and ‘Popstar’, the release firmly established his confident and original style.

Performing the tracks live throughout the UK particularly showed the strength and wide appeal of Peter’s music. Making the national final of the Exposure Music Awards 2011 in London for Best Live act confirmed his talent too.

Supporting some of Peter’s favourite independent and established artists proved a great experience and helped take his music to a new audience. As well as sold out shows locally Peter played national venues such as the legendary Troubadour Club (London), the iconic Hare & Hounds (Birmingham) and the Award winning Inn at Lathones (St Andrews).

Peter’s second full studio album, ‘No Looking back’, was released on the 24th November 2014.

Recorded in the wilds of rural Norfolk with acclaimed producer/engineer Jonny Cole, this new album sees Peter broadening his musical horizons and features the current single & live favourite ‘Ordinary’.

Working with New Zealand based Songwriter/Actor Kevin Harty and backed by some of the UKs finest musicians the follow-up to ‘Day in the sun’ has developed Peters trade mark sound. Using an array of different instruments to compliment the new songs, has resulted in a layered and intricate sound, which rewards repeat listens.

It has taken Peter time to perfect this new album as he wanted to get things just right, ensuring every track received the attention it deserved.


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