From the ashes of Gloucester rock hero’s Murdoc (previously voted best unsigned band by KERRANG radio), Nukchorris are firmly back on their boards. A brutal punk rock cyclone of raw energy. Throwing out punk, rock and funky bass lines with old school vintage vocals with no décor, striking the chords revealing a pure charming tone on top of admirable music.

The band have created a big local buzz picking up rave reviews. Lots of recent air play both locally and internationally as far reaching as Australia.

With an EP ‘Identity Crisis’ doing the rounds the band are keen to get back into the studio to start work on their first full album.

Huge recent support slots have included the US sensations Goldsboro from Sons of Anarchy fame on their UK tour and an upcoming slot with Manic Shine is already in place.

Step into the realm of the Chorris. They won’t dissapoint.

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  1. SylikesSlayer

    I was given a copy of Nukchorris’s EP ” Identity Crisis” a month or so ago and its still in my car CD player now! This band come at you straight out of the gate with killer riffs,great hooks and an infectious enthusiasm for their craft which you can’t help but feed into. The ” Identity Crisis” EP is a record that puts me in mind of bands such as Offspring and Bad Religion with the punk influences but make no mistake,Nukchorris are VERY much out there on their own musically,as an audiosonic battering ram of creative musicianship. With more exposure norrises track ” Killing Me” WILL propell this band into the hearts and minds of rock fans across the UK and beyond.
    As a live trio Nukchorris absolutely torch the competition,and the way the band interacts with each other during the set is simply awesome. The singer/ guitarist is more than happy to pogo amongst the crowd whilst crunching out slabs of punk insanity and the bassist is truly a match for the mighty Steve Harris bouncing around like a man possesed. It wouldn’t be right to ignore the talents of Nukchorris’s tub thumper who puts in such a shift on the skins that I actually felt sorry for his kit 3 songs into the gig!!! Some bands play their music, Nukchorris attack you with theirs and the world is all the better for it. Get to Gloucester.Get to a Nukchorris gig.Get your mind blown. Real music,real talent and real smiles all round.

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