Down Crow Lane

Steve Somers Folk / Country Singer / Songwriter
Steve Somers 'Singer/songwriter'


  1. Fuissa François

    A lovely song, a lovely voice. A so good musician!!!!!

  2. Absolutely fabulous!!! Steve is a legend!

  3. Laurence Norman

    I know Steve, and have heard him perform dozens of times. A great instrumentalist, very good songwriter and singer, and a very entertaining professional.

  4. I really like this tune, the voice really creates a picture along with great guitar playing. 🙂

  5. Margaret Pears

    Steve Somers is an amazing musical artist and writes beautiful lyrics with meaning. Well worthy of this award to have his work recorded professionally.

  6. Jake somers

    This Is my favourite of all the songs just brilliantly put together and delivered ,amazing
    that he just did this in his bedroom. 10/10 top marks

  7. David Askew

    saw Steve in France, he did a two hour solid gig and sang this song, was absolutely and thoroughly entertaining.

  8. laurence stephens

    A Beautiful and moving song played and sung with real emotion

  9. Steve Somers is the real deal. A truly talented songwriter and performer. He deserves to win an award for sure.

  10. Sam Tardien

    Magnifique chanson, magnifique voix, sacré bonhomme!!

  11. Great tune steve I hope this one wins its the best , keep it coming 🙂

  12. Amazing tune

  13. Love this tune.

  14. Steve for President. What a great piece of work, beautiful.

  15. I just loved this song. Steve you are a legend. Awesome!

  16. Louise Waldron

    Such poignant lyrics combined with a beautiful voice makes this a winner in my book. I could listen to Steve Somers all day.

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