Domino Fire

Three piece rock band from Glastonbury, consisting of band members Jon Coyne (Lead vocals and bass), Rob Hayden (Lead Guitar) and Venetia Morris (Drums)

Branded with an infectious pop-rock sound their music is upbeat, riff-heavy with cutting lyrics. Heavily influenced from their outside interests and varied taste in music; they have been likened to Placebo, Motion City Soundtrack and Queens Of The Stone Age.

The first spark of Domino Fire was ignited in late 2003 when Jon and Vin met in college. It was here that Jon met a girl, and through her, met her brother Rob. Fast forward to 2009 after they gravitated back to Somerset and formed a close friendship. Sharing a love for homegrown music they got together for some jamming sessions, and from the kindling of these sessions the band caught light, and The What Now? Kids were formed.

In 2012 the band decided to reflect personal growth by way of a change of name, with this decision The What Now? Kids became Domino Fire. It was also in this year that Jon finally married the girl.

2013 marked the beginning of a new era for Domino Fire; recording with Dare Mason at The V.I.P. Lounge in Penzance, resulting in their demo EP Illusion Of Choice including their first single ‘The Title Of This Song Is Not Representative Of Its Content’.

3 Piece Pop-Rock band from Glastonbury

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