Charlie Says

Originally, Charlie Says were formed by James, David and Jamie in the valleys of South Wales. Regularly playing with bands such as The Blackout, Kids in Glass Houses, Adequate Seven and winning numerous competitions, Charlie Says were relatively successful as young teenagers. In 2006 the band decided to separate and subsequently didn’t play together for just over six years.

Coming back together in January of 2012, Charlie Says are on the music scene once again. Adding Sarah James as the lead singer ( who also has enjoyed a successful past in the underground pop, punk and rock community) has drastically enhanced the band with her powerful and deep vocals.

Evolving from their past musical style, Charlie Says’s sound is now a mix of alternative, rock, and punk whilst retaining their uniquely tight, melodic and indie core. With a solid year of songwriting/gigging under their belt, Charlie Says are now looking to expand their fan base and catch the attention of anyone who loves honest and original new rock music. Their main goal is to write and perform music that is true to themselves and can resonate and be enjoyed by as many people as possible!

* Above video was recorded from a recent acoustic session and only features 2/4 members of the band. For full band recordings, check out the links below.

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