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Successes through Exposure™

Major Label Success


Metis an R&B Rap Artists, who had won four different Regional Exposure Awards by 2010, which resulted in Exclusive Winner’s Interviews and Showcase on Exposure™ Media Partners Kiss FM, shortly after which he secured Global Distribution Deals with Universal Music Group, followed by one of his Winning songs being featured in a Coke Zero Global Ad’ Campaign, and now he has a Major Record Deal with Warner Music Group.

Indie Label Success


Young Kato, formerly The Dirty Tricks, signed deals with BMG for Publishing & Recording, following their glorious Win in Best Live Act category at the Exposure Music Awards® in 2011, since then they have been touring the UK & Europe on an endless schedule of Label Backed Promotion.

DIY Label Success


The Roving Crows met Producer Nick Brine (Oasis, The Darkness, Bruce Springsteen, Seasick Steve, Teenage Fanclub, Queen, Stereophonics, KT Tunstall, Arctic Monkeys, Stone Roses, Seputura) through Exposure™, perhaps an unlikely match but he took them to Legendary Rockfied Studios to record their Album and the result was another Win at Exposure™ for Best Folk Act in 2012, they have now released their second album on their very own vibrant DIY Record Label.

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