Exposure! Nominees Announced

They represent some of the very Best New Talent in Britain & Beyond, as discovered by the first European Music Awards committed to help develop the Winners

We shall have to wait until Sunday 14th October at Cargo in Shoreditch to see who gets the Free Studio Time / Mixing / Mastering / Global Digital Releases / Touring / Expert PR Support, available in all the respective Categories*

Not to mention the Support and Booze promos offered by our likeminded Sponsors & Partners, committed to real Music Talent Development, so without further ado the Nominees are …

Nominees for Exposure Music Awards! the Judges Short Lists in 2011 in random order …

Urban   Rock   Punk   Pop   Metal
Jass Meagher   EarthPrayer   The 4th Suit   Peter Appleyard   One Dead Ninja
Queens English   V0iD   Crossing Giants   Kev Bayliss   Hellbound
Chaos   The Sick Leaves   Barely Modern   Space Fight   Jackson Caged
Remo Skilla   This is Freedom   Sunset On Suburbia   With Love From Humans!   Nonpology
CODE RED   The Karma Heart   Voodoorays   Tiger Lilly   Purgatory Shift
DRETONIO   Stiff Kittens   Drive Through Therapy   Cats & Criminals   Find a Fiend
The Scribes   Screama Ballerina   Nuk Chorris   Martha’s Man   Monsters In The Attic
Indie   Folk   Easy/Lounge
Footswitch   The Stress Echoes   Juliana Meyer   Tha London Undaground   Nina Baker
Hot Vamp Club   Gary Nock   Maddie Jones   Safetynett   Emily Leonard
ITAMAR   Oui Bee   Gekko   Kat Vipers   Alexandra Legouix Sunflowers
Mind Museum   Brendan Rogers   RhondasSongs   Dhisk Jointed   Roscoe Levee
Buckle Street   The Roving Crows   The Cult With no Name   Glass Diamond   Horseman Shakes And The Draymen
The Goodness   Dogman   ODi   Retraplayer   Xander and The Peace Pirates
Arbitors   We Steal Flyers   Theo Altieri   Lauren Loretto   Simon Jaymes
Alt   International   Female   Male   Best Overall Artist
Drag Your Heels   Annie Minogue Band   Oui Bee   Kev Bayliss   TBA
Jetglo   BROOMFILLER   Maddie Jones   Gary Nock   TBA
The Rubicon   Early Rise   Lauren Loretto   Dogman   TBA
The Colorado   Fallen Riviera   Tiger Lilly   Brendan Rogers   TBA
Attenion Thieves   Indidginus Rhondas Songs Theo Altieri
Melodramas   Jahmark & the Soulshakers Mali Korsten Martha’s Man
Lost Souls Club   Jointpop ODi Simon Jaymes
  Lonny Ray
  Mali Korsten
  Mystic Roots Band
  Since Yesterday
  The Spins
Best Live (East)   Best Live (West)   Best Live (Rest)
The Burning Crows   Alonestar   Cats & Criminals    
Tha London Undaground   The Dirty Tricks   Xander and The Peace Pirates    
Peter Appleyard   Disclosure   One Dead Ninja    
Josh Bunce   Purgatory Shift   Arbitors    

*Category Prizes Vary from Category to Category, and the prize fund is added to all the time, please eMail prize@what-comes-next.com/exposure-music-awards for the latest.


  1. Xander and the Peace pirates arte always entertaining, totally at home on stage and loved by fans from eight too eighty,a must see once combo while you can!

  2. It HAS to be Xander & The Peace Pirates, they will give you a show like you won’t believe!!!

  3. Let it be…Xander & The Peace Pirates, a fantastic exciting live band with incredible stage presence. First time you see them live they’ll just blow you away and leave you wanting more!

  4. Brendan Rogers – amazing talent

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