Exposure from Everest!

This Autumn/Fall This dedicated band of Musicians are returning to Base Camp Everest and Kathmandu to fly the flag for Anti Cancer Warfare

Over our 5 Years Existence both Exposure Music Awards® and Raven Black Music® have supported the Love Hope Strength foundation

But that’s nothing compared to the dedicated people of LHS and all their supporters who literally go to the ends of the earth…

The Mission:

Good luck to Love Hope Strength who have just started Everest Rocks II

Find out more over at the Love Hope & Strength website.

Our Very Own quest might be smaller but just as Simple

Discover Great Talent
Develop Great Talent
Deliver Great Talent

The Vision:

Base Camp: www.what-comes-next.com/exposure-music-awards/artists/

Fans get your favourite up n coming bands Involved
Artists dive in and engage, you will gain something from this Process
Industry see our latest crop of winners and join our Partners helping them all Succeed

The 2012 Exposure Music Awards! Winners

Thanx and see you on the Christmas Tree 😉

Exposure Music Awards!

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