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Well after five years of the Exposure Music Awards® and running dedicated Talent Discovery & Development Programs, we are completely National and we also have the Exposure Music Europe team doing great things over the channel.

Following our UK Awards & Live Finals on Sun 14th Oct we’d like to express our deepest thanks to all of our team: Graham, Mazz, Andy, Lucie, Jerome, Suzzie, Chris, Elliot, Nat and Deano also Jon from MusicConnex, Graham & Andy of GPhoto and Ben in the back room making us all look good Online and updating our Winners at Midnight, after the show.

Many congratulations to said WINNERS

Our Expert Judges & Presenters:

Greg Haver (Producer) www.record-producers.com/roster/greg-haver World Renowned Producer
Phil Legg (Futureproof) www.futureproofrecords.com Professional Music Promotions & Producer
Stephen Brocklehurst (Synch) www.synclondon.com Venue Strategy Manager at Synch London
Ben Allen (BAM) www.benallenmedia.com PR to Big Name Stars and Rising New Talents
Chris Dyer (Believe) www.believedigital.com Manager for Zimbalam Digital Distribution
Dan O’Gorman (MercuryArtistManagement) Talent Scout and Performance Consultant for The Voice U.K
John Ravenhall (Producer) seeking music for US TV Shows including flying artists to appear live in America

As Supported By our Sponsors & Partners

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All these Partners will be checking out the Winners over the next few weeks and months and seeing how they can help them along the way.

This is an informal but important process and coordinated by
Raven Black Music®, who shall also offer a number of Promo Assisted Digital Distribution Deals.

Artists who get the most from this process are those who engage fully with us and keep us up to date with their activity, so feel free to ask and remind about the following Prizes:

5 Days Production/Recording and Advice at Alive Music Studios
Mixing package from the world renowned Producer Nick Brine (Ash, Oasis, Darkness, Bruce Springsteen, etc …)
Professional Mastering ‘Sit in Session’ at Hafod Mastering Wales
Promo Single Studio Time or Discount on Full Album Package with
Astar Studio’s Mercury Nominated Producer
Additional Promo & Radio Sessions with our many Partners & Contacts
Winners of Best Live Act Judges Vote: Military Arcade; get to play Exposure Music Europe in Belgium next Spring as very Special Guests and receive some Initial Promo Advice from Futureproof / BAM

Winners of Best Live Act Fan Vote: Bad Touch; will also get some input from Futureproof / BAM and be considered by us and our partners for Tours & Industry Showcase Opportunities

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Exposure Music Awards® will be seeking: Presenters / Coordinators / Partners / Sponsors / Promoters to help us run our Regional & National program of intensive Showcases & Auditions

Great Experience & Collaborative Packages for the right individuals and organisations with the same Ethos: www.what-comes-next.com/exposure-music-awards/about/

Help great talent in your area or country Progress by Contacting: info@exposuremusicawards.org and joining the Zeitgeist

Best Regards
Exposure Music Awards®

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