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We never got into Music just to sit passively watching things happen, Everyone at Exposure are in there amongst it all, smashing things up, tearing stuff down, but more importantly building up: I really feel right now we are building the foundations of something amazing, but still not quite sure what form that will take; here is some of the stuff currently in progress:


Sunday Night Live – – An inspired bunch of up and coming artists who are trying hard to abandon their egos and write about the bigger stuff, it’s not up to us to say what that means for you, but we are inviting the good people of South Central Britain to come and Explore for themselves and start a Life Changing Journey with Sundays at Stoney’s beginning Sunday 11th March at 4pm doors 6pm music 8pm off home for Reflection and Revelation for Revolution.


Talking of Revolution with all this Streaming malarkey going on, The Music Business seems in danger of going to hell in a handcart.  Particularly the Artists’ share of the Pie Ever Shrinking, we really can’t let this happen so we are exploring new ways of taking development forward somehow: “An Artist’s Alternative to Spotify” and check it out and then – Like / Share / Comment – will you be part of this evolution?


Also figuring out the Why, What, Where, When, Who, of the next Exposure Music Awards® searching for decent Venues with a great In House PA and Penchant for doing things differently like:; which points at the kind of ultimate Positive Life Affirming vibe we are shooting for in the next phase of activity, so whatever form it takes here’s to our future!

Use what you’ve got; Do what you can; Enjoy what you get; Yours in Sound and Vision, the Protagonist of Peace x Deano the Determined.>


  1. Great event run by a man that really knows music. Dean can identify, nurture and promote top talent. This is a fantastic platform for both aspiring and established artists to be heard.

  2. Nick Pannell

    Some fantastic and vibrant initiatives here – loving the vibe and the energy. I’m well up for the Sunday Night Live series – will be a mellow way to round off a weekend.
    Keep ‘em coming Deano!

  3. This all looks really exciting! Rock on Exposure!

  4. We have had the pleasure to be involved with this for a few years now and it has been a great stepping stone in helping us reach where we are today. MASSIVE THANKS to Exposure Music Awards. Much love Tenth Electric

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