Lauren Loretto

UK’s Hottest up and coming dance artist. Lauren Loretto bringing you a dance sensation this summer. The HD, short film style music video, with full animation and effects will be avaible by April. Private screenings available now on request. Lauren’s currently recording, latest dance summer smash


  1. Enjoyed the Exposure Music Awards! on Sunday. Some great talent waiting to be signed. Excellent performances from Lauren Loretto,Purgatory Shift & Burning Crows. Well done to all of them. Its a shame we didn’t see the unique talent of Nina Baker on stage.
    All these should emerge onto the big stage very soon !!

    • Totally agree. Great to see such talent and so varied. Well played Purgatory Shift, shame most of your fans couldn’t go, cos like you they are under 18 !! Thought the Burning Crows were great – would love to see them play a full set.

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