Straina is a songsmith for the Internet age. Following a decade of honing his chops with Midlands-based band Man Over Board, he has spent the last year experimenting with sounds in his home studio, resulting in a distinctive style that fuses acoustic, trip-hop and indie influences into a warm and accessible whole.

Within two months of putting his first demos up on Soundcloud, he was signed to Reel Me Records, and the initial fruits of his instinctive approach are available now, in the shape of his debut EP Sobriety Gauge. This foot tapping and head nodding collection of songs highlights the traits that mark him out as an artist. Compelling melodies and thoughtful lyrics abound, all delivered in a soothing yet gritty voice that could only be Straina’s.

This is a musician with ideas to burn, and Sobriety Gauge features a fascinating array of perfectly placed sounds, from the bluesy guitar and swirling string samples of ‘Up and Under’ to the haunting multi-layered vocals of ‘21st Century Fox’. As tuneful as it is experimental, this is an appealing and memorable set of songs, that also serves as a promise of future delights.


  1. this guys a great artist, very contemporary and forward thinking musician, i expect VERY big things….

  2. Inspiring tunes with a subtle undercurrent. I’ve seen this guy live and the room couldn’t stop themselves moving – great atmosphere!

  3. Loving the fresh sounds of Straina. If you have yet to listen then delay no further and check his tunes – you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Wonderfully intricate… I hear more everytime I listen.
    Love it!

  5. Emily Williams

    Known Straina and his music for decades, he is a great musician and fully deserves to be recognised with an award (or several) for his talent. He is a true gent with current tunes and has never been afraid to break the mould.

    Straina is a real sound bloke with a good sound.

  6. melanie eldred

    Nothing like fresh talent.please listen if you have not already.creative music love every new straina.:)

  7. Katie H

    Wonderful musician and great sounds xxx

  8. acousticsliq

    funk beats in an alernative style, nice to hear something different, 21st century rocks!

  9. messy dave

    love it love it love it ! songs that stick in your head for days, very talanted dude.

  10. When you coming to Toronto!!!! Yer’ ace 🙂

  11. Mann Man

    Wonderfully unique and interesting, can’t wait to hear more x

  12. Melodies that make me smile:-). Something really different and fresh to listen to. Seriously, if you haven’t already done so check Straina out!

  13. Sharron

    Always left wanting to hear more, fantastic tunes, great guy xxx

  14. Eva foster

    Love Stainas tunes and acoustic live versions too. The wonders of sound cloud best of luck to you Staina

  15. Nikuska

    Lovely tunes, really unique and chilling to your ears 🙂 You are amazing, Straina! x

  16. Cat Wilson

    Saw Straina at a festival recently and he was AMAZING… defo worth a listen… x

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