"Album cover - These Words Aren't Meant For Me"
Fin's Debut Album

Singer Songwriter FIN artfully blends Acoustic Rock with a Folk / Country Vibe to create a stunningly original yet familiar sound.

FIN’s interest in music certainly came from his parents; even before he was born his mum was beaming Bob Dylan directly into his brain via headphones on her tummy. FIN grew up in Hertfordshire and as a child his parents took him to festivals; particularly the London Feis where he first saw Dylan and ‘Van the Man’ aged 7.  These formative experiences shaped his desire to listen to and eventually write music himself. He started Spanish guitar lessons about the same time and wrote his first song Distant Youth, at the tender age of 13, a title that must seem ironic to him now.

FIN’s teens brought him closer to the excitement of live music as he discovered artists outside of his parents’ record collections. A friend’s mum worked on Top of the Pops, he would often go backstage, meeting REM was the first time he would recall being “star struck”. FIN’s dad worked in the British Film Industry as a painter and over the years FIN also met a lot of film faces, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Roger Moore and Matt Damon to mention a few.  These influences led him to develop parallel interests in film and music.

FIN formed his first band Captain Davenport aged 17.  They gigged around London at the Bull and Gate, Horn Re-Born, Covent Garden Rock Garden and local pubs.  On Millennium New Year’s Eve they were paid to perform for BBC staff in the Top of the Pops Green Room, playing originals and covers. Then at Bristol University as Vice President of Churchill Hall he ran a Drum and Bass night and FINs Acoustic Café, a popular showcase for student talent. He booked acts including Shola Ama and Derren Brown.

After graduating FIN wrote and directed a short film called The Telephone staring British-American actor Philip Winchester, known for his roles in The Patriot, Thunderbirds, CSI: Miami, King Lear, Flyboys and Fringe.  The film featured FIN’s music compositions and was screened at the Curzon in Soho.

FIN established a film and animation company called Previsualisation Ltd; He won the Creative East Awards Best Non-Broadcast Production 2007 for an educational DVD read by Tony Robinson. Around the same time he made a music video for Jamaican Reggae legend Dawn Penn for her track ”Never Hussle the Music”.

Since 2005 FIN has worked from Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire.  Big artists go there to rehearse for their tours, for FIN it’s an inspiration to know that Biffy Clyro, Westlife, Take That or Pink Floyd are sometimes just meters away. In 2006 FIN met Peter Waterman and Simon Cowell at Elstree when they gave Simon a plaque to commemorate his achievements in the music industry.

In 2011 FIN decided it was time to really focus on songwriting and performing so he formed a band to record and released his début album, These Words Aren’t Meant For Me, through his label Written Records.

FIN’s music blends the Acoustic, Folk & Alternative Rock traditions to create a stunningly original yet familiar sound. FIN is now playing open mic nights around the country and the band is entered into Surface Festival 2012; their first round gig is on 28th Feb at 229 The Venue in Great Portland Street.


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