Don’t be afraid of Creativity

Creativity is Wild

Creativity is Approaching Things Differently

Creativity is Starting with the ‘irrational’ to make things more Rational


We all respect the Big Thinking of Albert Einstein, but any of his theories or adaptations which are the bedrock of Modern Rational Science, involved him releasing himself of the binding constraints of Perceived Rational Thought and Delving the Imagination for the what ifs and I wonders …

Not everything you find in this space will be useful and there are many discarded ideas and dead ends, the point is to give yourself the Freedom from Fear, of what others may think, if you suggest something slightly ‘Crazy’, like the booze ‘inspired’ man from VCCP who dared suggest to his clients that Meerkats were the way to advertise Product Comparison Services, who’d have thought? I certainly didn’t and I spent 5 years avoiding using them because of their Cheesy Advertising Campaign, but now both our cars are insured with companies who advertised their wares through that terrible website, and our house is resplendent with Stuffed Russian Meerkats, and nobody thinks anything of it meanwhile ‘Tycoon’ Douw Steyn doubled his personal wealth from £200M to £400M after risking saying yes to Creativity.

“The Future’s Bright the Future’s Orange”


Do you remember when Orange launched without telling us who or what they were, then later going on to become one Telecoms Industry Giant in the 90s?

This exemplary teaser campaign was both infuriating and intriguing and somewhat of a risk that we’d keep watching to find out, but we did and in Droves!

In the end this worked a treat and Orange went on to become the network called EE, re launched and re branded through, yes you guessed it, Creativity.>

But what does all this mean for you …

Well one of our bigger clients, HP Bulmer Cider, saved 55% on their not inconsiderable telecoms spend just by taking advantage of a legitimate billing quirk of one of their new suppliers (Orange), so with a bit of creative thinking on my part they saved well over £500,000.00 over the next few years.

Less impressively but on the same theme my young nephew Freddie spent most of the most recent family gathering happily dressed as the Carrot from Christmas, in honour of his favourite season and his favourite colour, from which we derived the following strapline:

“Orange is exactly what other colours are not”, now that ladies and gentlemen etc is Creativity.

More importantly have you ever taken the time to thrash out what your company is best at and advertise that to the core of your potential market, see our rates page to see how affordable a blue sky brain storming session would be.

Yours in Creativity

Dean G. Hill