Cancellation & Conditions

You are free to cancel any time in writing to:; Please make sure that notification is acknowledged, then no further weekly retainers will be due.  However, possibly, some agreed monthly commission will still be contractually due, but only on ongoing projects, which What-Comes-Next secured for you directly; where there are ‘Pipeline’ recurring Revenues or Royalties rolling forward, as negotiated by  What-Comes-Next  or  What-Comes-Next associates.  (eMail for Explanation if Required).

For Recording Artists

If, during our work together or within six months of cancellation, you are signed to a major or large independent music organisation/s, like Recording / Publishing / Management – etc –  What-Comes-Next  request 1% of Gross Artist Income, and related income such as Exploitation of Assets or Image, and in perpetuity, or a sum/s agreed by said organisation/s.  In recognition of helping you get there.

Signing up to our services constitutes an agreement and recognition of the conditions outlined here and within our relevant web pages.