Always happy to dress up for a good cause and use any promotional channels available to convey messages of Faith / Hope / Charity.

Current Organisations Supported:

Anti Cancer Warriors: doing Gigs & Events in unusual locations, and supported by World Famous Artists, who encourage swabbing at their events to find Life-Saving-Matches to Delete Blood Cancer.

Help for Homeless: charity based in South Central Britain, assisting those in society who have fallen through the big holes in the net, housing them in winter and getting them back on their feet.

Education in Africa: tackling the issues of this great continent at source Education & Empowerment of its future generations starting in the “Pearl of Africa” i.e. Uganda a land still of much Hope!

These Worthy Charities are Recommended by us through Direct Personal Experience – we have witnessed each of them doing good in the real world – it does not, however, mean that we are endorsed or engaged by any of the above.

What-Comes-Next specialises in providing Consultancy for Artists & Businesses + Charities when requested and relevant at reduced daily rates info.

Please click through to the charity websites for more information on their worthy activities.