#Hope for Africa

Uganda United Unstoppable I wrote this after visiting the land of my birth Just Before Covid! Now more than ever the world needs shining examples of #Democracy.> I know this is not always the case, to say the least, but can we all Pray for Progress? Memories of Africa Dean G. Hill 16-Nov-19 [...]

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Glastonbury Festival’s Example & Inspiration

Glastonbury Festival's Example & Inspiration Let's just help each other… Do Good Things I'm writing this whilst planning the launch of: www.SoundAngelsMusic.com; of which more very soon. The inspiration for this story took root during Glastonbury's previous fallow year, with regular conversations with the Worthy Farm Team. "Michael seemed to like the fact I was [...]

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The Honest Counselor

Well, you are probably reading this deciding whether to use me as an advising specialist for your: Artistry – Business – Charity Some of you were already put off by the way I spelt ‘Counsellor’ and others that I used a capital letter for it just now.  I’m here to let you know you are [...]

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Service Really Matters

In this world of Short Term Gain, where everyone looks after themselves, it's very easy to forget the importance of both Service & Relationships. Yes it's also important not to be taken advantage of in a highly competitive and commercial world, but having a care for doing things right, over 'What's in it for me [...]

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Case Study Mktn

GETTY Through both Raven Black Music & Exposure Music Awards, we have negotiated Global Synch Deals, which means that at least one of our tracks is playing on TV somewhere in the World. BLACKSTAR Rock Band V0iD signed to label Raven Black Music, have with our continued support Raised Their Profile, to a point where [...]

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The Deepest Knowledge into Words

Communication takes many forms ... Art Music Dancing Film Video Internet Telecoms Personal Poetry Prose Fact Fiction Sometimes Meaningless Sometimes Magnificent Sometimes Meaningful My favourite work of Fiction is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, all entirely made up by the author, yet rich with Truth & Meaning and Inspired completely by something way beyond and [...]

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THE GATHERING N25 Venue Cymru Wales 3/4/5 Feb 2017 Love & Life & All Things Rock! It’s great to come to an event which feels like an incredible Rock & Roll show landed in the middle of your family reunion. Admittedly now more friendly distant cousin than long lost brother, the odd nod and wave [...]

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Don’t be afraid of Creativity

Don't be afraid of Creativity Creativity is Wild Creativity is Approaching Things Differently Creativity is Starting with the ‘irrational’ to make things more Rational We all respect the Big Thinking of Albert Einstein, but any of his theories or adaptations which are the bedrock of Modern Rational Science, involved him releasing himself of the binding [...]

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